Chairman’s Message


Govind Thakur (Chairman)

I strongly believe in innovative methods of education, which can foster leadership, accountability, and employment in this challenging era of the 21st century.

Being the best Paramedical College in Bihar; registered under the Power to Empower scheme of government, which was introduced by the government so that the people of India enjoy the colours of life with employment.

We take initiatives in other government programs too and are recognized channel partners of National Skill Development Corporation of India, Ministry of skill development & Entrepreneurship, and Skill India which are a government program towards inculcating the necessary skills needed in the people of India.

We create safe social and physical surroundings that help the student to learn and succeed in their particular field. Our approach is towards practical learning and making them capable of treating patients with care. Therefore we conduct the session in government-recognized hospitals.

Being passionate about teaching, we started our college in the mid of 2015 and it is a privilege to teach the students in a remote area. We continue to have more medical students day-by-day but were particularly pleased to see strong growth year-on-year in results for our students. We are proud to be able to offer an education where not only students with higher IQ achieve their goals but every student has equal opportunity, and support to achieve their personal best.

We have an innovative approach to teaching various diploma courses to the students and preparing them for future challenges. At HC paramedical college, We Nurture Transform students to do their best in their chosen field. What we have achieved in the last 5 years is only because of our dedicated faculty, staff, students, and parents.

What makes us a leading paramedical college in the Madhubani city of Bihar is our approach towards our students, We focus on getting to know the capability of each student as an individual. This personal approach of ours helps us to provide individual support and access to opportunities that are suited to each student’s preferred fields of interest.
Parents and visitors compliment us on the warm and orderly atmosphere of our college and our strong sense of community.

We encourage all our students to develop high expectations about themselves, their profession, and their behavior, which is an expression of our values of Personal Best, Honesty, Sincerity, Respect, and Responsibility towards our students. There is a genuine sense of integrity amongst our professors, students, and parents, which we are all very grateful for.

At present we are rendering a broad range of opportunities and courses offered in our college., i.e. Diploma in General Duty Assistant, Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology, Diploma in X-Ray Technician, Diploma in Medical Lab Technician, serving the different interests, needs, and abilities of our students.

As one of the leading college to provide diploma courses in Bihar, our medical college offers assistance to our students for future opportunities and scopes. We understand that theoretical knowledge is of no use in this practical world. Practical knowledge is a must to prosper in life. That is why we always emphasize on practical learning. Because theoretical knowledge diminishes but practical knowledge remains forever.

In a world that rewards determination, flexibility, leadership, problem-solving, and teamwork, our students leave well prepared for future opportunities, challenges, and employment. I am proud to see the achievements of our students and the results our College has achieved in being a better place for education.